Thursday, 30 April 2015

a neon sweater...

Well, for now I'm all dishclothed out. I've quite a few done as stocking stuffer gifts for Christmas 2015 (with still more to do, but I've got time) and birthday dishcloths done too, which is one less stress. I've put my huge stash of dishcloth cotton aside for now, and working on something wooly!

Recently, Knit Picks had a "free shipping to Canada" sale, so I stocked up on some very funky coloured Swish Worsted Brights (and a few skeins of Swish Worsted in solid colours too) to make some sweaters for kiddo. He's a tall 2.5 year old, so I'm making mainly size 4 sweaters, which will hopefully last for at least 2 winters.

The first one I've cast on is this one:

The pattern is Mörgæsir/Penguins - a sweater that's originally knit in aran weight yarn, but I'm amending it a bit to fit my worsted tension. The colours you see here are sour apple (green), razzleberry (blue) and highlighter yellow (yellow). The penguins will likely be worked in the solid black and white Swish. 

I absolutely love these neon colours! Once I'm done this sweater, I'm likely going to cast on "Fimma" Lopapeysa, which I'm going to have to also adjust from aran to worsted tension.

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