Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Let There Be Bacon!

My bacon pigs are finally all done! I finished the 'O' and the 'N' today, and as it stands, they're currently being blocked.

Each square measures 7" square, using 4mm needles. I knit them with slightly tighter needles (meaning, as opposed to 4.5mm's) because I think that patterned dishcloths usually turn out a bit better that way, and I'm glad I did. This size is perfect!

eta: I also always advocate keeping your cotton yarn ball bands for a reason - for exactly this reason:
One ball band from a skein of Lily Sugar 'n Cream fits perfectly around my 5 dishcloths, keeping them snuggly together without squeezing it or distorting the dishcloths at all. That way the recipient knows fiber content, care instructions (which are all written on the ball band) and the dishcloths all stay together until they're gifted without getting any lost!

At Thanksgiving, my side of the family does Secret Santa, where we draw names for who we're buying for at Christmas - at that point I gift each couple in my side of the family a set of 3 or 4 dishcloths, and my inlaws get their respective sets at Christmas. This particular set of 5 dishcloths saves me from gifting dishcloths for my brother and SiL this year, since they'll be gifted to my brother on his birthday in September. (I think that 5 dishcloths should last them a year at least, considering how sturdy they are!)

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