Saturday, 30 May 2015

charity progress

I've not been blogging this month because I've so many projects on the go - between a sweater for my own kiddo, 3 vests I'm working on for a charity donation... and life, of course, that gets in the way of knitting. 

Now that it's warm out, it's so much easier to spend time outside. We fortunately live right next to a park, so we don't have far to go when we take kiddo for a walk. He's at an age now where he can walk almost on his own, so we can go without the stroller. Even though we frequented that park that summer, because he wasn't really walking he mainly stuck to the swings - but now that he can climb, he's got so much more of that park to discover!

Remember, a few months ago I posted about collecting dishcloths to donate to my local food bank? Well, there's a magnificent amount of progress:
What you see here is 21 completed bundles of 3 dishcloths, all sorts of different patterns. I was able to bundle similar colours together, it just worked out that way, despite each bundle being made up from donations from different people. That way, those who choose a bundle can pick one that's of colour interest to them.

The plan was to make the donation today, but since there are some envelopes with donations still in transit, the donation will be made next Saturday. I'm really hoping to get up to 25 completed bundles (for the sake of somewhat rounded numbers) but honestly, I'm elated to have this many already, and for the short time I've been collecting.

Final progress to be posted soon!

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