Sunday, 7 June 2015

basic crocheted dishcloths

I'm usually good at starting and finishing a project without starting a lot of other projects at the same time - but not always. As my son's sweater is still a WIP, and I haven't yet finished the 3 vests I'm making to donate (although what's left to finish them is minimal) - I started a couple dishcloths for my husband for his birthday/Father's Day (which I'll share later, when they're done!) and yesterday, I started crocheting some basic dishcloths.

My mom's coming to visit tomorrow, and she's heading out to visit friends - two couples - next week. These are long time family friends, and I've known them literally my entire life. It's for them that I'm making a set of dishcloths each.

The green dishcloth is a basic single crochet dishcloth. The brown & white one is also single crochet, but every 3rd row alternates between a double crochet and a chain, to make a bit of a lace effect. These are a very quick make and can each be made in about an hour or so.

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