Thursday, 8 January 2015

eyelet dishcloths completed

Using up more Bernat Handicrafter yarn in the salt & pepper colourway, I completed two eyelet dishcloths - a really interesting textured dishcloth. I love ball-band patterns when it comes to dishcloths, to me they have a really fun (and a bit of a vintage-kitch!) feel to them.

My mom will be heading back to France next week; my dad is currently working out there, plus my maternal grandmother is there too and currently going through chemo for breast cancer. My grandmother is an avid cook and baker, and frequently gets together with friends, hosting a lot of events at her home since she's one of the few of her friends who doesn't live in an apartment and can hold a large group of friends. I'll be sending these two dishcloths back with my mom, along with one of the circle dishcloths I finished a few days ago.

I love keeping the paper ball bands from my knitting when I'm gifting my knitwear - mainly so the recipient has the fiber content and washing instructions from the label, plus I also think that it certifies that it is actually handmade. In the case of dishcloths, ball bands are handy in keeping all the dishcloths together, and with these three the ball band barely fits. Coincidentally the eyelet pattern is on the back of this particular label, although I doubt that my grandmother - despite being a knitter herself - will use the pattern. (The little knitting she does now is usually making her brother the occasional sweater.) 

Sometimes the colour of the yarn on the ball band happens to suit the gift that the ball band is wrapped around - in this case, the colour is a variegated colourway called 'love'. <3


  1. What a clever idea, rolling the cloths up in the ball band! Smart woman.

    1. Thanks! They're handy, and it gives the dishcloths a bit of a handmade look too, to them. (At least I think so!) And it keeps them organized for me too, so it's handy.